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Lets face it you've always thought you were a little bit different but did you honestly think you were well...a thing of Myth?
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 Break's characters

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PostSubject: Break's characters   Break's characters Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 1:34 pm

Name: Bella O ' Rose

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Samuel O ' Rose

He has blue eyes and brown hair and is aged 46

Samuel is English

God Parent:Aphrodite

Date of Birth: 18th of July nineteen ninety seven.

At seven thirty two in the afternoon

Place of Birth: Bella O ' Rose was was born at Samuel O ' Rose's house

Hometown/Last Residence: Hollywood , America

Race/ethnicity: American

Accent:American with a fairly weak tint of a english accent

Skin Tone: Bella O ' Rose has pale white skin with a slight tan

Eye Color: Misty Light Blue with a tint of purple

Hair Color: A light blonde Base, Purple tint at the edges

Hair Length:60 CM long

Hair Thickness : The Hair is fairly smooth and thin

Height: Bella is 1.8 Meters tall

Weight: 105 Pounds

Body Type:Bella O ' Rose Body structure is fairly lean and thin

Appearance:Bella's Choice of usually resides with her colours she usually wears these colours are Light Pink , Dark Purple , White , Misty Blue and a Blazing Red.
She normally wears Pink, Purple and Red dresses and Silver high heels.
Denim Jeans with a T-Shirt or a Denim Short skirt with a long sleeved top.
Her make up use is a lot having pink lipstick and dark eye shadow.
Her favourite outfit she wears to posh days out is a bright red sleeveless dress with a golden necklace and bright red heels.
Her body is flawless apart from a large scrach down her back which she always trys to hide

Weapon:A Celestial Bronze dagger with a tint of silver lining the edge of the dagger.
The pattern engraved in the daggger has her name in it with a heart on it.
The handle is rubber with spirals engraved into it
The blade dulls after a few months normally it also takes about half a hour to sharpen unless oil is used to make it easier.
The case for the dagger is a bright pink case with to waves and a love heart.
The strap is about 1.8 meters long and when used properly is a belt with a heart and the bit in the middle cups to hold the dagger
In Bella's vamrace she has a celestial bronze hidden blade like in Assassins creed.

Armor: The helmet She wears is basic rounded celestial bronze.
The chainmail is very old and weared having belonged to previous campers and is made of Bronze.
The Chest plate is dark brown leather With hearts patterns deeply engraved into it all the pieces are threaded together with a thin rope
The vambraces are steel with a spiral and heart pattern engraved into it.
The Leg protectors are steel with not patterns engraved into it.
The Gloves are leather with the fingers missing.

The shield is retactible into a bracelet and is a kite shield shape and engraved into the shield is a broken heart which is amazingly detailed.
The shield strap is is willow due to the metal not being effective for bending

Skills/Talents: Bella's Talents Include Flirting so she can get a man down in seconds if it's a suprise attack.
Another Talent of hers is getting her own way because of her flirting she can get things from her.
She is also very stealthy meaning stealth attacks like in capture the flag.
Her most impressive talent is first aid due to her having to use what resources she has to help heal people.

Flaws:Bella is one of those people who does never allow herself to be told orders and will far to often disobey orders.
Bella is very easy to anger due to being insulted on her fashion is one of her major set off points as well as her style.
Bella is a big show off so she can anger people and many other Aphrodite children quickly.
Bella struggles to run long distance due to a leg condition.
Bella gets very protective of her daughter , any threats and the person ends up injured.
Bella can be very bossy and possessive.

One of Bella's strength's is her hand eye coordination that means that she has a very good grip on her dagger.
Another strength is not really physical more mental she understands many languages such as English , Spanish , French , Italian and Sign Language.
Another strength is Bella's ability read emotions just though facial expressions and the ability to work out if someone is lying she is very rarely wrong.

Bella has a leg condition meaning if she runs more than half a mile non stop and her legs will give way and she will need to rest half an hour.
A mental weakness of Bella is the fact 'that she isn't the brightest one of the bunch' meaning she is not as clever as most 16 year olds are.
Bella is ADHD and Dyslexic.

Likes: Bella likes to listen to her favourite band one direction and her solo artist Shane Dawson.
Bella also likes to style her hair and use her make up.
One of her other favourite things to do is give young girls or her friends a make overs.
She also likes to travel the world in the summer for a few weeks like she did in paris where she hosted a trip with other campers.
Her favourite thing is to ride the pegasus in the stadium.

Dislikes:Bella dislikes Justin Beiber because she says he is far to fall of himself.
Bella Dislikes her style of clothing and taste being dissed she will quite often get in little fights for it.
Bella Dislikes sports because she states it's all boy talk about.

Fears:Bella is scared of spiders because she hates the cobwebs and how they crawl everywhere.
Bella is scared gore such as gory games like call of duty ' boy games' she calls them.
Bella's biggest fear is a very childish fear the fear of the dark because she was attacked in the dark by something it was presumed a monster.

Personality:Bella is a very sassy character who is obsessed with fashion style and the media.
Bella can be very funny and charismatics which is very helpful in one of her skills getting her own way.
Bella can be a complete storm like many Aphrodite children can be when insulted.

Powers:Bella can make the opposite gender fall in love by snapping her fingers in front of their eyes and the first people they see so as you can guess this power often has complications. Her power lasts at least 30 muinates and she can do this twice a day.
Social Status:Bella is a very popular well known person at camp

Summer or Year Rounder:
Year Rounder
Years at Camp: 2

Life Before CHB:
Infant years

Bella was a bright young girl who loved playing with her friends.
But one unfortunate day that all changed when a storm spirit came and abducted one of her friends who the storm spirit mistook for Bella.
Her Friend who went to fetch the ball was never seen again after this incident her father took Bella to a Psychiatrist because she claimed to keep seeing monsters following her family and friends like they were trying to find her.

Late First School years

Bella was the weird yet popular girl because people who heard about her seeing monsters would laugh at her yet they would still hang around with her.
Bella was given by a special visitor a dagger but he warned her never to use it or they would find her.
So Bella decided to hide it in a little chest which was so small it would fit in her school bag.
On the Final day of First school she was attacked by that very same storm spirit which abducted her friend.
She found the strength to lift that awfully heavy dagger and launched it at the spirit disintegrating it on the spot.

The journey to camp

Bella when she was 12 fled her home with a few prized possessions and the dagger.
At the age of 13 she awoke in New York all beautiful so the first thing she did was go to a modelling company.
She got the job quite easily as she talked to the manager.
He referred her to a company named Disco Divas.
One Night after the storm spirit was back from tartatus and it attacked , Bella pulled her dagger out to scare the Spirit off.
Bella toke refuge under the Empire State Building.
When she awoke she wasn't under the state building she was on a hill.
A goat man was fighting a bull man "Go up the hill !"He warned
Suddenly felt her dagger weigh her pocket down she had a choice escape or kill Mr. Bull.
She grabbed her dagger and poked it in the bulls eyes

Role-playing Example:
I awoke in my bed with a shocked face , I began to sweat.
I wiped the sweat from my fore head as I sat up held my legs to my chest.
"Hello , who goes there!"I said with a scared tone in my voice , I picked up the torch searching for the source of the mysterious which had awoken me.
I saw a toy robot moving around banging against the bed, I sighed in relief.
But then I froze in shock 'who'd set the robot off' a cold shiver fell down my back.
I searched the room again looking for what had set the robot off.
I gripped my dagger which was on the floor by my bed.
"Come out whoever you are!"I said with my dagger by my face.
"I'm armed!"I said with a slight grin on my face gripping my dagger.
Suddenly something lunged a me and it all went black...
Notes:She has a child aged 1 living with her parents (This has been sorted with the admins)
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PostSubject: Re: Break's characters   Break's characters Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 2:48 pm

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Break's characters
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