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 Apocalyptia's characters

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Apocalyptia's characters Tumblr_n80ijvedMr1r1k958o1_500
Caeden Briarwood Finnik
Some call him Cade, some call him Finnik, some call him Caeden. It’s honestly whatever the speaker is most comfortable with, he doesn’t care much.
He’s sixteen, being born on April 15th.
They’re a grey, like bird’s down. Not so much stormy skies, but he’s fine with not being a cliche.
Blond, swoopy, and decently soft. It’s sandy-colored, with little hints of browner highlights.
Body Type:
He’s just really skinny. Not that he tries to keep his weight down (okay, he tries a little) but he just doesn’t eat much. Small stomachs, y’know?
Skin Type:
Caeden’s pale. Not unhealthily so, but he’s definitely not tan. He doesn’t burn, nor does he tan. Blemishes are a sort of problem with him; every once in a while a bad crop of them will show up, but they’re usually gone by the end of the week.
Light. Like, one-hundred-and thirty pounds.
About five feet and eleven inches? He doesn’t bother to measure himself much.
Caeden’s honestly still trying to figure out how to be nice. After being a big ol’ bully for so long, going to a place where he can start over is just astounding. He’s doing well in the “don’t-pick-on-people” thing, but everything else is sorta lacking. Brutish comments tend to fly free from his mouth, but it’s followed by heavy apologizing. The Poseidon kid is definitely more happy-go-lucky than he was before, and there’s often a large smile on his face. He also tends to be fiercely loyal, but his “fierceness” is more “picking on people who mess with my friends”. Given his previous bullyhood, that’s not really a good thing.
He’s pretty hot-headed, and doesn’t like to listen to others. His nose is also hella big, with a rather large aquiline bump to it. Archery is one of his worst weaknesses, and he tends to be weak in general. Awful at fights and all that jazz. He also tends to have poor control over his powers and thus his limits. Being a huge show-off, he’ll make some crazy stuff happen, only to end up in the infirmary for over-exertion.
He’s a great singer and musician, and he tends to be pretty friendly. And if he bothered, he’d realize he’s a great cook.
Typical Outfit:
Dress shirt, khaki pants, boat shoes, the stereotypical “hipster/Oxford” look.
Mortal Parent:
Kerise Marie Finnik, a thirty-three-year-old woman who enjoys embroidery. She married Richard Max Nottingham, but chose to keep her own surname.
God Parent:
Poseidon: the Earthshaker, the Ruler of the Seas, and Zeus’s brother.
Place of Origin:
America, somewhere down in Viera, Florida.
He has an Absynnian-tabby mix cat, named Eosphoros. He’s a bit of a dork who likes hanging around Caeden because free fish every once in a while.
So, like most Poseidon kids, Caeden can talk to horses and fish and breathe underwater any time he wants. He really doesn’t like talking to animals though, because they’re super dumb. He can also manipulate water and make waves up to ten feet tall without penalty. When he gets to about eleven feet, it starts getting difficult. He’s able to make up to seventy-five feet tall waves, but that’s pretty much impossible unless he just woke up and hasn’t used much of his energy. Between twenty and fifty feet, he can make them about once every two hours, and fifteen minutes between the two hours will have to be spent sleeping. If he’s dumb and doesn’t do it, he’ll end up passing out the next time he makes a wave between that range.
When he’s around water, he can whip up about one-hundred-thousand gallons to throw around at whim. The moment it drops, though, he gets really tired and can’t do much except walk around for small periods of time (like from his cabin to the mess hall) for a good forty-eight hours. When he’s not around water, he can pull up to fifty-thousand gallons from aquifers and such. This is more taxing, which forces him to sleep for seventy-two hours.
Finally, as a last-ditch effort, he can summon a hurricane of about one-hundred feet in diameter with winds up to a Category 3 hurricane (about 112 mph). This is extremely draining and Caeden can’t do anything for ninety-six hours. He usually passes out once finished, but on the off-chance he doesn’t even making a small wave might kill him.
Life was pretty standard for him, like most other demigods. One random night, Poseidon got the urge to party it up with humans down in Florida. Along with everyone there, he got a few drinks in his system and eventually met Caeden's mom. His mother, Kerise, later had him when she was seventeen. Her parents didn't exactly appreciate that, and didn't allow her to stay with them, forcing the poor girl to live in a shelter for a few months. At around nineteen, she met Caeden's stepdad, Richard, a twenty-five-year-old at the time. They dated for a few years and got married a few months after Kerise turned twenty-two. Her parents finally softened up again and accepted Caeden and Richard as a part of the family. After that, nothing much else happened. Starting in third grade, only a few weeks after he skipped, kids started picking on him. The school didn't really notice, and the lad kept it to himself. It just kept getting worse and worse, until one day, in sixth grade, he punched the kid who started this square in the jaw. Kids cheered for him for a little after that; the punched kid being the biggest bully of the grade. Soon, they stopped cheering as Caeden took his newfound popularity and power too far.
He had a few years of that, and then things started getting a little stranger. Teachers would always keep a terrifying gaze on him, even when he wasn't acting up. Once every month or so, a mysterious man in a trenchcoat would follow him home, and strange things seemed to just have happened every once in a while, like staying perfectly dry in a heavy rainstorm. His parents began to get worried for him, each week bringing some strange story on how his English teacher ate a live rat or whatever. Richard assumed it was stress, but Kerise knew. A few weeks later, there was a strange scratching sort of noise on the door. Kerise opened it, expecting a delivery man with a package she was expecting. Nice clothes, a little blouse from Esprit and something else she couldn't remember. However, instead of a man in a brown jumpsuit, there was a woman-bird with brown feathers, screeching and talons bared. Panic ensued, and after a few scratches and much breaking of furniture, Caeden, Kerise and Richard grabbed their SUV and set fire to the tires. The Fury caught up with them with little problem, flagged with her just-as-ugly sisters. To this day, they're not exactly sure how they survived, being that at one point, one of the bird-ladies ripped the roof off the car. After hours of driving, they got to Valdosta, driven all the way out to the woods. And there, the grey-eyed boy saw his first satyr. It was a kid he knew from school, sometimes messed around with by him, and he seemed to have nearly every class with him. There was a five minute exchange that went something like "how are you even here, you were just in class today?" and all sorts of weird things you say when some guy you've seen around school ends up being a goat-boy. The two eventually got the show on the road though, and scampered off to Camp Half-Blood through satyr magic.
RP Example:
It was a beautiful day at the beach today. The sun shone at just the right temperature, making the sand a comfortable warmth. A seagull did the seagull thing off in the distance, telling the world that for once, New York was warm. Caeden dashed down to the shore, the waves reaching just a little bit farther to tickle his toes. Sorta like how a dog dashes at full speed just to lick his owner. The sun warmed his bare back -why not show off?- and he crept in the water, enjoying it's coolness. After wading for a minute or two, though, he threw his hands up into the air in a "to hell with it" style and ran as fast as a person could in water. He plunged himself underwater, and like usual, it took a moment for his water-breathing skills to kick in. Always a scary moment. Once he adjusted, it was like being in another world, with beautifully colored fish everywhere and sunrays glittering in the water.
He’s a pansexual dweeb who loves chocolate and the color red.

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For the powers, he needs to pass out for like days or a day when he summon like, 100K gallons.
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    Edited. c:
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Apocalyptia's characters
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