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 Apollo Nyx's characters

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PostSubject: Apollo Nyx's characters   Apollo Nyx's characters Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 1:35 pm

Name: David Smith-Gomez
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Ranaldo Smith-Gomez was a respectable man and unlike Aphrodite's other lovers, wasn't much of importance. He was a simple Security guard who dropped out of College to help his family out. Aphrodite met him while flying a private jet to Paris. Although it may seem weird that a goddess is flying on a jet, it's Aphrodite. He helped her with her luggage and one thing lead to another. They had a simple one nightstand. Ranaldo wasn't aware that Aphrodite was a goddess and didn't expect for her to be impregnated so easily. He actually didn't want a child because of his living conditions, Ranaldo lived in a very unsafe part of the city and knew he wouldn't be able to leave it. Once David was delivered, Ranaldo wasn't happy and it put a lot of stress on him because he couldn't care for the child. He tried very hard to find the woman he had a one nightstand with so he could give her the child. He witness her step off the jet and thought she would give the child a better life. Once he couldn't find her, he began working night and day shifts to avoid the child and support it.
God Parent: Aphrodite
Above is a picture of how Ranaldo saw Aphrodite. He is into classy, elegant looking women. At the time he was in his early twenties and into older women, which is how Aphrodite presented herself to him. She was the woman of his dreams, the woman he couldn't have.

Date of Birth:April 27th, 1999
Place of Birth: Olympus
Hometown/Last Residence: Camden, New Jersey
Race/ethnicity: David has different cultures running through him. But it is easier to narrow it down to three; He is African-American, Native American --possibly coming from the Cherokee tribe, and hispanic specifically Puerto Rican.
Accent: David has no specific accent except when he is mad, he talks in a ghetto slang/dialect.
Skin Tone: David has a light, almost brown sugar colored tan. It maybe the only thing Aphrodite truly blessed him with that people could truly envy.
Eye Color: David's eyes are a dark brown.
Hair Color:  He has dark black hair that almost looks brown in direct light.
Hair Length: The son of Aphrodite has a low cut.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 175-180lbs
Body Type:  He doesn't have the perfect body type like most Aphrodite children. David has a little more weight to him yet not enough to make him obese. Some would say he is thick, meaning he has more weight. He has the difficulty of gain and losing weight at the same time so it's hard to determine whether he is slim sometimes and other times thick.

Appearance: He is in a way good-looking, but not like society wants him to be. Most people don't see behind the blue and silver glasses he wears or his pretty normal style of clothes. Sadly, he not a very flashy person when it comes to his looks but pretty simple. He is simple looking and just simple all around. There isn't a specific style he likes is soft black hair. He goes with a simple cut and hairline that make him look like the clean person he really is. The haircut takes away from his chubby face, as does his neatly groomed eyebrows. He is medium thick pink lips and a flat nose. He has seed shaped dark brown eyes with long light.brown eyelashes. He has a short thick neck which can always be seen. He has broad shoulders with long arms and well-tooken care of hands. David has a gorgeous colored skin tone most people try to gain during the Summer. His skin tone maybe the only thing though people envy.

Weapon: David is currently practicing how to fight with short daggers. He can throw them but not always on point. He owns a  two feet long sea-foam colored celestial bronze dagger. The handle is somewhat in the shape of a shell and the blade itself has a face on both sides. One being the face of Eros, who is said to be scarier then love itself and the other side has the eyes of Aphrodite. Oddly, the eyes of Aphrodite seem to change and it is assumed that it might be Aphrodite changing her own appearance (a little myth). This one particular dagger was given to David when he was on his to Camp Half-Blood by a child of Hecate who crafted it for him. Once the blade is thrown, striking the opponent or missing the opponent, it will return to a fashionable belt around his waist which holds his other celestial plain looking daggers.
Armor: N/a
Pet(s): David has a love for animals. He owns two dogs, a miniature pitbull named Duchess and a Yorkshire Terrier mix named Boo and a cat named Loviee.


°Going to a special school with a career program, David has very good Culinary skills. He cooks on a mastery level.
°He has become a very good swimmer over the years and enjoys the feeling of water.
° He can somewhat sing (no where near the Apollo kids though)
°He's a very fluent reader.
°David is also very fluent at speaking French, he can hold conversations very well.

Flaws:  He has sort of a demented side sometimes when things don't go his way or when people upset him. He has a lot of insecurities, especially now that he is a child of Aphrodite. David is somewhat shy when it comes to meeting new people.  He has a scar on his thigh from a surgery he had to get as a baby and bags underneath his eyes.

°Emotions: There is no emotion anyone can really hide from him. He is an expert on emotions, and can call them out as if they're nothing.
°Manipulation: David is very manipulative and it deals a lot with emotions. He knows how to get people, even without his powers, to do what he needs with just his words.
° Stalling: He is very clever and knows just how to get someone's attention and keep it.

° Sports: Ever since he was a young boy, he has been sucking in sports. He is the last one called, the odd man out when it comes to Sports.
° Holding his tongue: It seems like he has trouble holding his tongue. If he sees something wrong or he feels like someone is a complete idiot he'll say whatever. There is no hair on his tongue
°Bravery: He's not the bravest person in the world. When it comes to scary movies, he is one of those people closing his eyes the entire time.

° Animals
°Being lazy
°Warm days

° Thieves
° Monsters

Fears: He fears he won't accomplish his dreams and goals.

David seems a little bit two sided. Depending on who you are and how you carry yourself plays out in the side you get. He is very respectful and kind to those who show him kindness and respect. If you are a close friend, you will see he shines brighter then the sun. He is very humorous and fun and sometimes entertaining. He is sweet and a pleasure to have around. But if you are just getting to know him, you will see him as a very quiet and very relax person. He's probably so relax because of how lazy he is. If David isn't interested in something, there is no way he will interact or get involved with it at all. That goes the same for people. If he finds you repulsive or uninteresting, he won't bother to look your way. This is his very good side, the side you would and should be on terms with.

 If you don't see any of the above, it means you most likely have fallen on his very bad side. The side you will see a resemblance between him and the other Aphrodite kids when they are cold hearted. He seems almost psycho and very cruel, especially when someone has pissed him off. This is the time he will not speak, but let his emotions do the talking, as they are seen all through out the face. Threaten he is thinking may come true. The threats he says allowed shook frighten you, because he means them. He is not satisfied unless you are hurt physically or mentally. He holds grudges and it takes more then an apology for him to forgive someone. His very bad side almost seems villainous and corrupted.


"I won't say I'm in Love"

   Surprisingly there are a lot of people who hate to admit that they're in love (sarcasm).  David can simply touch the person's shoulder, and either a golden aura would appear around them or a pink aura. If there is a gold aura, it simply means that whomever isn't in love. If there is a pink aura, it means the person is deeply in love with someone. If the person is thinking about whoever they're in love with, an image will appear in his head. This power can be used three times a day and can be resisted if skin-to-skin contact isn't available. It'll be two hours before he could use the power again.

Can you feel the love?


      During a war, there is a 99% chance no one is feeling loved (sarcasm). Their emotions are dedicated to anger and that is the vibe they give out to the people around them. 8 hours out of a day, David will carry a light and almost magical aura with him. This aura lifts the emotions of the people around them. They will feel loved and almost full of happiness. It's not a very strong aura and only works on those who feel alone or depressed, maybe a little angry. This can be resisted by people who have no or little emotions, or just have more anger or warlike emotions.


  Love Compulsion

     When David is threatened or in some sort of trouble, losing in a battle or dying in the hands of a monster or whatever the power maybe he can create an illusion for those around him. He can make them believe that their loved one-- whomever they are, a mother, father, sibling or who ever-- is the one in trouble or being threatened. When David speaks, the person will hear that loved one's tone instead of his own. They will not see David but that special someone and feel obligated to save them. He can do this four times a day, but he becomes very sore and weak each and every time he uses it. It takes him a good three hours to heal. Also, this can work on demigods and mortals only. Depending on if the monster even has someone they love (I highly doubt that).

The mist

   The son of Hecate has taught David just minor things he thought demigods should know. He saw potential in David, because Aphrodite had given him the powers of emotions (being a goddess of emotions). Sadly, he has minor degrees of magic when it comes to love and beauty, but a lot of potential when it comes to emotions. Vince thought it would be best to teach him how to use the mist. When David uses the mist, it will apply to the emotions. He understand each and every type of emotion a human being, and even monsters shows.  If someone feels triumphed when they win, he will use the mist to make them feel as if they actually one something. If someone is confused, he is able to use that to keep them confused for a moment. For example, if a monster is angry, he will use it to make them feel as if they are taking it out on David, when really they're fighting air or a tree. David can never seem to make it work on demigods unless they're weak minded, he can do this five times a day.

Social Status: Although David isn't much different then his siblings, David's Social status is one thing that set him apart from them. David is very mellow, and hangs out with whoever comes to him. Literally. Who ever just wants to talk to him, he'll talk to them. He isn't much of a popular kid because of it.
Summer or Year Rounder: Summer Rounder
Years at Camp: Less than two days
Life Before Camp:

Special Delivery

  Aphrodite hadn't taken the time to look at her beloved child. It had only taken less then a few seconds for her to name the baby and state who it belonged to before she handed it to her immortal son, Eros, but that doesn't mean she loves her son any less than she does her other children. The god wrapped the baby in the softest blue blanket with his named stitched in white on it, and tucked the baby in a neatly woven basket. Unlike his mother, Eros took the time to look at one of his younger siblings before handing him to the god, Hermes. It didn't take long for Hermes to appear in the disaster city known as Camden where he handed the baby to one of Aphrodite's many lovers.

 David cannot say he saw his dad a lot. He was raised by his grandmother who loved him dearly. They spent a lot of time together, especially when he was a young toddler because his father wasn't around. It became clear to him, even as a young toddler that his dad would never be in his life and he was fine with that. The child lived in a very bad neighborhood and was rarely allowed to go outside except when his grandmother took them to the park or a corner store that was own by a cloud nymph --though he didn't know that time because she has portrayed herself as an Asian woman through the mist.

The rest of his dull life

  As he grew up, he encountered a few monsters without knowing due to how the monsters approach him. The first time David was approached by a monster, he was a innocent kindergartner. The monster portrayed himself as a man, although he was really some sort of demon. The monster took his time fighting David because of how young he was at the time and it seemed more like a game. The mist had a very strong affect on the boy and the people around him. He saw a big bully picking on him and grew very angry, which is when he discovered one of his powers. He triggered a few gang members who somehow fought (or shot) the monster off for him.

 The son of Aphrodite was a handful but was somehow excused from all his misbehaving as a child. The powers of Aphrodite seem to affect how people felt about him. After awhile his misbehaving stopped because people believed he was good and he wanted to believe he was good too. David began to do his best in school. He became an honor roll student by the time he was eleven and grew a liking to the subject, English. Like many children, he had dreams to become several things; a actor; a singer; a teacher. But most of all, he wanted to become a Journalist and maybe an author. He had a love for reading and  writing. He spent most of his middle school years reading books and imagining he was a part of it.

 By the time he started High School, David took up a career program. He decided to do Culinary as a back-up plan and a job to help him get through college. First year of High-School was a breeze and the most fun David has ever had which is why he was devastated when Summer rolled around. He spent a lot of time in the house with his lovely grandmother or at the Corner store with the cloud nymph. The mist, at the time was still strong. He wasn't able to see through until he faced a empousa. The monster did not seduce him but opened his eyes. He had a hard time going against it, sadly and if it weren't for the cloud nymph he would be dead. The cloud nymph, who's named was Kimmy had came up with a wonderful plan to take the empousa down and kill it. When the plan succeeded Kimmy heard a voice of a goddess telling her to guide David to Camp Half-Blood safely or else. The neighborhood the child lived in was very dangerous and no satyr wanted to take the chance of going there. Anyway, they packed up and Kimmy promised David's grandmother he would only go to this special camp every summer.

The Journey

 David had a lot of near-death experience on the journey to Camp Half-Blood. If it weren't for the powers he discovered along the way, he would've never made it. The aura he carried with him seem to decrease the attack of the monsters, putting them at a comforting level. The cloud Nymph that traveled with him had a lot of experience with fighting (she lived in the ghetto, she's a ghetto nymph!) and was the one really fighting the monsters off. Both rarely slept and had a deep fear. David was afraid of the monster and Kimmy was afraid of the or else given to her by a mysterious goddess. Staying up improved their relationship and they discussed Greek Mythology a lot.

    One night, they weren't able to defend themselves against a large Cyclops and again David was close to death, but a child of Hecate saved his life. The child of Hecate's name was Vince and although he didn't live at Camp, he knew the way. He promised to guide them there too; David had also built a close relationship with Vince too. The boy was a wonderful craftsman and protector. He seemed to show the child of Aphrodite affection and respect. Once he got them to Camp, Vince disappeared.



Role-playing Example:

 Vince had promised to take them all the way there and he lied."Just keep going down the road, it's there," were his last words. When Kimmy and David turned around after the directions, he was gone. Poof. Vince the magician had disappeared. David almost felt as if it were an illusion. Did Vince really exist? Or was it all just a hallucination. He had been starved and reeked of death when he met Vince. Was the connection he made with him real? He hoped so. Was Hecate his godly parent? David prayed to Zeus he wasn't. Vince had been with them for a week but it felt so much longer. Like his whole life.

"I think I remember how to get to Camp Half-Blood from here. It's been so long..." Kimmy began to go into a whisper once she saw the demigod's face. He was obviously hurt and she could kind of tell why."Have any idea who your godly parent is? Keep in mind that it's a goddess..." The cloud nymph slinked one hand over the teen's shoulder, squeezing him really tight. They've gotten so comfortable with each other, Kimmy was the sister David never had."You've been lucky this entire trip. Fighting monsters and sleeping in dumpsters. How about Tyche?" She joked. David's lips curled into a small smile. When Kimmy tickled him, he began to giggle and laugh.

"That could be possible, maybe she hates me. Or maybe Athena... she seemed to have given me no knowledge on fighting monsters. I don't know." He shrugged and sighed. He didn't feel as if he possessed any abilities related to any goddesses. Maybe Kimmy mistaken the voice in her head. What if he was a son of a god and not a goddess?

    Kimmy had indicated that Camp was close. David's stomach began to churn. He wasn't ready to face the fact that he was a demigod. He wanted it to stay a myth, a joke he and his friends played. He liked it better when they joked about if the gods were real, who they would be a child of. David wasn't ready to live the life the life of a demigod. He wasn't ready for days of fighting, fighting monsters, and fighting some more. Reality was hitting him too fast and he didn't like it. He wouldn't adjust to this so fast like he did with his dad. When his dad never really bothered to even say hello or spend time watching TV with him, he didn't seem to care much. Ranaldo seemed more of a ghost to David, and he felt comfortable thinking of him not existing.

"Here's the Camp." Kimmy told him. They approached a large hill.

"H-here we go." David said nervously.


Notes: This character is based off myself. I took several test to get the results (even though I couldn't believe it) and asked several friends about what they thought of me and well... XD. I've been described as a child of Aphrodite.

Anyways, David carries around an old book which is all greek and it tells stories of the greatest love stories in Greek Mythology. There are a lot of blank pages which he chooses to write Camp Half-Blood's greatest love stories.

  P.S,  I also ask if someone who is thinking of making a child of Aphrodite and decides they will also create a demigod with powers over emotions not too directly copy off these powers. I worked hard and did a lot of research to come up with them and I'd appreciate it if you didn't copy and paste. No, I don't want my character to be the only child who's powers involve emotions( and I'm pretty sure he's not the only), but I also don't want someone to  not be creative and take my ideas and not come up with awesome ones themselves...
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PostSubject: Re: Apollo Nyx's characters   Apollo Nyx's characters Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 1:46 pm

As long as people are able to resist the Love Compulsion power I see no problem with this.
Approved until stated otherwise.
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PostSubject: Chavali, Daughter of Zeus   Apollo Nyx's characters Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 3:33 pm

Apollo Nyx's characters 1_37268000

"I am nothing like Thalia, please don't expect to be too much like her..."

Name: Chavali, a name with no meaning. Beti had plans of moving to America --although her dark skin complexion would most likely put her in slavery-- and she heard rumors of Chavali being the "it" name for English Gypsy. As you can see, Chavali has no last name. Being a gypsy has no real use for it. Nobody ever ask a gypsy for their last name, especially during the time Chavali was growing up.
Nicknames (optional): She is sometime called Chavy or even Valli but as she spent what felt like a millennia on an island with nymphs and other creatures, she has referred to herself as "Princess of the minor deities" or "Princess of little".
She is sixteen years of age. Chavali was born on a stormy night in July of 1922.  The time she was being born, Zeus could not attend because Hera was throwing an outrageous fit about his many mistresses at the time.
Eyes: Beautiful blue eyes
Hair: Chavali's hair falls in dark curls
Body Type: Athletically built
Skin Type: Light almost caramel colored
Weight: 130-140 lbs
Height: 5'6
Personality (four sentences or more): She's fun and loud and very energetic.  Chavali is easy to get along with because of how chill and very relaxed she is. Semele is humorous and has no worries in the world and she'd like to keep it that way. She isn't serious about anything except those she cares about. Chavali doesn't like boring scenes either. It bothers her when everything is in order and so organized. Organization seems to kill how enthusiastic and wild she is. She loves living a life with no rules and taking risk that'll probably kill her in the end. Chavali thinks life is a big joke, she thinks it's just something temporary and we mine as well just live it up.
Flaws (five or more):She's egotistical because she knows her position as a daughter of Zeus. She has really bad trust issues due to her past life, being attacked by monsters. She has dyslexia like most demigods and a scar on her hip. Chavali was attacked so many times by Poseidon, she is a little afraid of the Sea or any body of water.
Talents (optional):
Typical Outfit (optional):
Mortal Parent:Beti was an extraordinary gypsy that caught Zeus' eye. She was not only gorgeous, but a wonderful dancer. One night he took the time out to watch her dance. He tried to approach her after she was done, but he had taken taken a very high rank because the king of gods was too prideful to be anything less. Beti kept a very good distance from him because of it.  Zeus tried to take the form of a joker, but that didn't catch Beti's attention either. It wasn't until he took the form of a wounded old man, she had fallen in love with him. After she confessed her love for the old man, he revealed himself as Zeus and soon confessed his own love. It was not long after, Beti became pregnant and a furious Hera found out. When Hera found out, she used the same strategy as her husband, disguising herself as an old woman who helped deliver the baby. Hera did not harm the child, knowing it would hurt Zeus but she did threaten Beti. After revealing herself as a goddess, she told Beti to never dance again. Beti obeyed but after awhile grew very poor and took up dancing once more. When Hera found out, she sent Hermes to offer the gypsy a necklace, which she proudly took. Not long after she did, Beti had been accused of thievery and had her head cut off.
God Parent: Zeus
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Pets (optional):N/A
Powers (optional):

Weather Control

 Chavali can control the weather to a certain extent. She can cause small rain showers or thunderstorms. When she causes it to rain, it can last up to thirty minutes and depending on how much energy she has within herself, it can go from just drizzling to full-on hard rain. Thunderstorms only seem to come naturally to her and might be the easiest thing for her to do. Chavali can use this power about three times a day but after she uses it, the power seems to drain her energy and she's a little weak. (Discovered)

Summoning lightning

Being a daughter of Zeus, she has a good grip on lightning. Six times out of the day, the child of Zeus can summon  a lightning bolt to appear either in her hand or in the sky. The lightning bolt (when it is in her hand) can appear almost three feet long and seven to twelve inches thick. When it is in the sky, the lightning may seem almost twenty feet long and two inches thick. (Discovered)

Calling service

  Seven times out of the day, Chavali can call any creature in Zeus's domain. If her father created it, she can call for it and it will feel obligated to listen to her or do what she feels is needed to do. With this power, she can only summon five creatures at a time and it can only be those who obey Zeus. If they do not obey Zeus and she calls for them, she has no control over what they do. (Not discovered)

The element air/Wind

  There isn't really a time limit on how many times she can control the element air, but there is still a limit.  Chavali can control a gust of wind but not a gust of wind that comes from a powerful hurricane or anything. She can summon the element but cannot always use it in other domains like the sea or even the Underworld.  There is no way she can control a wind nymph but there is a chance they could get caught in the middle of her summoning air.(Discovered)

Eye of the Eagle

 Zeus is known for shape shifting multiple times in history. It is a power he used to seduce most of his women. This a power he has passed down to one of his children and while it is not used to seduce women, it is used to turn into one animal and one animal only. Five times out of the day, Chavali can turn into a giant gold eagle. Besides her father's own eagles, she is a very miraculous looking one.


   Hera was "generous" enough to give the baby to Beti's closest friends. Obviously, her closest friends were gypsies who would raise the child with the same morals. Not only the same morals, but life style and a generous heart. She lived a very comfortable life in a tent where she was raised beside several other gypsy children. Chavali was taught how to sing and dance which seemed more important then a good education at the time to gypsies. She was a pretty happy child who never questioned the existence of her parents. Even if she did ask about her parents, the gypsies had no clue what actually happened. They only knew her mother was wrongly accused and had no clue who her father was. It was true, Zeus never made contact with his daughter but he was always there for her. Zeus watched her first street performance from a distance, not wanting to anger his wife.  He would visit her on her birthday each year but not as a god or even human but an animal.

  Chavali didn't suffer under the attack of monsters as she got older but the laws that went against her as a gypsy, there were many times she had pleaded "Sanctuary" and lived in a church. These laws were created by a child of Poseidon, who had held a grudge against gypsies. But Zeus didn't see it that way. He saw his brother, Poseidon, targeting his child. To get back at his brother, Zeus killed the child that had created  laws which made his brother very furious and lust for revenge. Chavali was attacked numerous times by  Poseidon's own children and monsters. She had barely survived most attacks Poseidon had inflicted on her, sadly. Zeus knew it too but didn't know what else to do. It was Hera, who suggested isolating Chavali on an island out of Poseidon's domain where she would be given almost the same treatment as Calypso except no one was allowed to visit her and she didn't have any special goddess powers. He agreed and before Poseidon could attack her anymore, Hera sent cloud nymphs to pick her up (literally) and carry her to her new home.

 The island was a beautiful sight and nothing but Nymphs and animals lived on it.  Chavali did hate it at first, but that was before she got a special visit. The king of gods came to visit his daughter and personally claim her. Zeus explained why she was there and why she could never leave. He told her to make the best of it and for the very first time, he told his daughter he loved her. When her father left, Chavali had a new confidence.  She was no longer unhappy and would make the best of what she had. For 176 years she became Queen of the island and almost forgot about everything. Yet, it had to be ruin when Zeus took her back to the real world.

RP Example (only needed for first form; ten sentences or more):
Notes about your character:

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I'm going to approve this for RPing, but leave it in the unapproved section and delete it or whatever you want whenever you remake it.
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