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 Fabulously's characters

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PostSubject: Fabulously's characters   Fabulously's characters Icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2014 3:24 am

Fabulously's characters NxjcqhFabulously's characters 2mxhijt
"I just want to be liked. I don't care who by."

Name: Elliot Smith
Age/Birthday: 17
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Body Type: Hot
Skin Type: Caucasion
Weight: 139lbs
Height: 5'9"
Personality: Elliot was born with a chip on his shoulder. A tempermental chip that frequently moved out like a moody teenager before crawling back and inserting itself once more. One day he could be in an extremely bad mood, yelling about how unfair things are, usually about his disability, and the next he'd be pretty nice and friendly. Elliot is drawn to people who he thinks are cool, powerful or attractive - and usually does his best to fit in with them and feel as if he belongs. Although he's never been able to do this for long due to his tendancy to y'know - yell at them. In the terms of romance, he would love to meet someone but he has similar issues. One thing he is very sensative about is his deafness. He hides his hearing aids under his beanie and is quite embarassed about it. Bringing it up will either invoke rage or shyness - depending on what kind of mood he is in.
Flaws: Stubborn, Although he'd like too he finds it hard to make friends, Tries to impress those he finds cool, Despite his age he is rather impressionable, Bipolar, Elliot was born deaf so he relies on hearing aids. If they are taken out, he cannot hear.
Talents: Quite artistic. Is currently dabbling in the guitar in the attempt to form a hobby. Knows enough Sign Language to hold a conversation in it.
Typical Outfit: Elliot usually wears jumpers, fitted jeans which are tucked into a pair of boots and a beanie.
Mortal Parent: Harry Smith
God Parent: Hecate
Place of Origin: America, Minnesota.
Pets: A black cat called Salem. The cat has green eyes and no tail.

  • Hex: Elliot is capable of placing curses on people up to 5 times a day. These curses all last for 4 posts (or indefinitely if they are a roleplaying mechanic). In combat he can use them to inflict blindness, disable ONE limb (like turn an arm limp), inflict a burning sensation in people's throats, gradually exhaust and paralyze two limbs (such as forcing someone to keep their arms in the position they're currently in). He can only use one of these curses at a time. When he casts these curses, it looks like a thin red dust flies towards the person (if they avoid it, then it doesn't work). If it does hit them, a pentacle burns into their chest painlessly and glows through their clothes. As a roleplay mechanic, the curses have a much larger variety - from turning someone into a hag, giving them horns or turning their skin green. These all require permission and can last as long as the particular plot requires.

  • Necromancy: Elliot can use this power to summon undead minions. He can do this twice a day, and there are two versions. If there are no nearby corpses, then he merely conjures a spirit from the underworld which is quite easily defeated. However, if there is a corpse nearby, he may ressurect that instead and have it do his bidding. It is a much more challenging fight. He can only have a maximum of three minions at a time. They last a maximum of 10 posts, if they aren't defeated by this time the spell crumbles and Elliot has to wait another 10 posts before he may summon them again.

  • Magical forcefields: Elliot can conjure a magical forcefield either infront of something like a wall, or around him like a dome. It lasts 4 posts (or longer, if it is being used as a plot piece) and can be used 3 times a day. 5 post cooldown between uses. It is purple in colour.

  • Magical Bolts: Elliot can generate magical bolts from his hands. These hit with about the same force as a punch. No cooldown between uses, can be used as many times as he wants per day. They are about the size of baseballs, and have a trail of harmless indigo/red fire.

History (ten sentences or more): Born in Minnesota, a fairly drab part of America. He was raised by his Dad and his Dad's partner Joe (He was bisexual). Born deaf, the couple did their best to acommodate for Elliot's disability and saved up a little money each year in order to buy him updated earing aids, they even ivnested in some sign language lessons just incase they ever broke. Elliot was also diagnosed with Bipolar disorder around his twelve birthday. It started off mild but eventually grew more and more severe. He started yelling at Joe and his dad, and then the next week he would just randomly buy them both some small presents. He would get into fights at school and then the next month get a reward for good behaviour. He was on a mixture of tablets and anti-depressants, which didn't even work half of the time because he wasn't depressed.

When he was 'claimed' he was taken to Camp Half-blood by a Satyr. The first few years he spent there were fairly boring. He didn't really get involved, but he did get told off and confined to his cabin a lot due to issue with his mental health. However as he matured, he started realising just how... well, how lonely he was. So as he returned to camp half-blood once more, he vowed that he would try to make atleast 1 friend. Or enemy.

Notes about your character: Odien's a bae <3

Name: Franklin Ford
Age: 15
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Body Type: Healthy.
Skin Type: Tanned
Weight: 135lbs
Height: 5'8"
Personality: Sweet and optimistic, Franklin never lets the bad things in life get in his way. Often putting the thoughts of others before his own, he is happy to help in whatever way he can. Franklin likes being invited to things, even if it is just to tag along. He has very little social backbone, often remaining quiet and frowning when he is insulted or mocked. One thing thathe will not tolerate are people trying to hurt him or his friends.
Flaws: Somewhat Naive, Rather submissive, Doubts himself, Emotional, Socially fragile.
Typical Outfit: Short-sleeved white top,  green tassle scarf, jeans & brown boots or green baseball boots
Mortal Parent: Fred Ford
God Parent: Demeter
Place of Origin: America
Pets: A potted plant called Jim. (This is both his pet and his weapon)
Powers :

  • Plant Manipulation: Franklin can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk", He can not control more than 200lbs of plant life at anytime, trying to do so would result in exhaustion and even pain. He can not (yet) make plants grow larger than they naturally could. Plant life is vulnerable to the elements, such as ice, fire & lightning.
  • Spore Manipulation: Franklin can cause plants to grow spore blasts which can have a number of toxic effects. They can choke, nauseate, tire or disorientate whoever is caught in the cloud. He can only make 5 of these a day, and they can only inflict 1 ailment at a time right now. They are carried on the air so wind attacks will dissipate the cloud.
  • Botanopathy: Franklin can communicate with plant life and use it to see 360 degrees, and even 'feel' people's movements if they are standing/hiding in plants. This is limited to plants within 12m of him.

History: Fanklin's father was a gardener, he was usually hired by rich individuals to tend to their huge lawns because they were too rich or too lazy to do so themselves. He genuinely cared about the plants that were growing, knowing that they were living, complicated things and deserved to be treated as such. His actions drew the ire of the goddess Demeter who was moved by his compassion. She manifested on earth and saught Fred out. She assumed a much more attractive form and, after a week or two of flirtation and talking, bedded him.

It... was weird. Also as soon as they had finished, a baby was produced. Demeter left later, leaving Fred with a child and no clue what had happened. The baby was healthy and grew up like an child would and despite his intial confusion - Fred was over the moon. He had never been able to successfully woo a woman before, and had pretty much given up hope of ever being a dad but here he was with a 10 year old son, running around the garden and playing in the woods. It appeared as if he had inherited his father's love of plantlife. Little did he know, his son had actually got the trait from his mother.

When his son turned 15, an odd symbol appeared above his head. Now, Fred, had suspected that his child was some sort of... creature... considering his less than a day long time in the womb and the fact that once or twice, trees had moved their branches out of his way. So the glowing symbol above his head was greeted with a rolling of his eyes and a shrug. When the Satyrs arrived they explained to Fred that he had slept with a goddess, Demeter, and that they need to take his son to train him. Fred was startled, confused, denied it then accepted it. He gave them permission, albeit reluctantly, and they took Franklin away.

RP Example: Franklin always liked the woods. When he was feeling bored, lonely or just wanted to go for a walk around he always came here. All the trees liked him, and let him hang around. Jim sat on his lap, and swayed in the quiet breeze.

"Hey Jim, I was wondering..."

The plant rustled slightly.

"What's it like to be a plant? Like... do you get hungry?"

It rustled in agreement, swaying back and forth.

"Really? Do you um... feel pain?"

It rustled once more, and Franklin run a finger along one of Jim's branches.

"Being a plant sounds awful. I figured you just sat there all day and enjoyed the breeze."

The plant rustled defensely.

"What do you mean 'Atleast we don't gotta' poop'."

Jim stopped rustling, clearly in a huff.

"I didn't mean to upset you, Jim."

It rustled.

"Ok, I'm sorry."

Jim stopped rustling, and Franklin stood up from the floor, holding the plant's pot in both hands.  "Seeya' later, trees." He waved at them, before quietly walking through the forest. Normally this place was quite scary, as the plant life never seems to end, and the constant sound of wood creaking could be unnerving, put Franklin. He was in his element. He felt at peace here.
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PostSubject: Re: Fabulously's characters   Fabulously's characters Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 3:25 pm

Approved until stated otherwise
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PostSubject: Seamus McMannon, Son of Dionsyus   Fabulously's characters Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2014 10:45 pm

Fabulously's characters Boy-charlie-mcdonnell-cute-hair-headphones-love-Favim_com-107844

Name: Seamus Mc'Mannon
Nicknames (optional): Drunkard, Why are you even here.
Age/Birthday: 15 and 9/12ths
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red/Ginger
Body Type: quite scrawny, although a bit of fat stops him from being skin and bones.
Skin Type: Pale. Irish.
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 6'0"
Personality (four sentences or more): Nonchalant to the end, Seamus just does not care. While he doesn't actually care, he does enjoy tagging along and making witty one-liners to give himself a giggle. Usually people don't join in, but they don't have the benefit of being off their tits. He's quite generous with his powers, frequently providing the alcohol for some of the cabin parties, or if he just wants a beer buddy. He'd simply stagger into mordor, have a pint with Sauron and then go home. He's quite loyal to anyone who he'd consider his friend, which doesn't mean much since when drunk, everyone is his friend. He usually serves as the Jester in most situations.
Flaws (five or more): His breath, Laziness, Alcoholism, Rarely sees the danger he's in, Bad hand-eye-quardination, his accent is so thick at times it can be hard to understand him. He has a small fear of heights.
Talents (optional): He can out drink you. I bet he can. He's super good at juggling. THE LUCK OF THE IRISH. He can fart at will.
Typical Outfit (optional): Clothes.
Mortal Parent: Molly Mc'Mannon
God Parent: Dionsyus
Place of Origin: Ireland
Pets (optional): I swear he has a leprechaun somewhere.
Powers (optional):

Aftertaste: Seamus is always intoxicated. He does not need to consume alcohol for this effect, he just... is.

Hangover: Seamus is immune to hangovers himself, although if he makes physical contact with someone - he can give them the sensation of a hideous hangover. Twice a day, requires physical contact. Lasts for 4 posts.

I'll drink ye' under the table, I bet ye' turdy tree euro!: Seamus' body is immune to alcohol poisoning, and he has no 'limit'. He could drink for a year straight, but he certainly couldn't walk in a straight line! Or walk. It'd be more of an organised fall. Not that it matters - no alcohol allowed on camp. Spoil Sports. Rolling Eyes

Clubbing and some hardcore: Any Party that Seamus attends is hella-rad.

Intouchicate: Twice a day, Seamus can touch someone and give them the sensation of being hammered (really drunk). This includes the staggering, vomiting, awesome and terrible feelings. Lasts for 4 posts.

History (ten sentences or more): Born in Ireland, Seamus' was raised by a single mother. Usually kicked onto the street so he could give his mother's head some peace, he made friends with some of the less... pleasant, residents of his cheap council estate. He was drinking by the time he was 12. WKD and other extremely low concentrates, and to be honest - his mother figured that it kept him out of her hair, so it couldn't be that bad. He did badly in school, and usually didn't bother turning up. He was dragging himself home at 9 in the morning after spending the night at several different parties and then passing out on the table.

When he was claimed, it turned out that one of his close 'party buddies' was a Satyr. It took him to the camp, and after gaining special dispensation due to the conditions that he was living in, it was organised for him to live at the camp. As far as his mother knew, he was taken from her by social services due to her neglect and his attendance at school (or lack thereof). There, he began to 'learn' about his heritage and his father. He still hasn't changed though. What? He's Irish.

Notes about your character: He smells like a brewery which has been doused with Lynx (AXE) Excite.

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Fabulously's characters
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