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Lets face it you've always thought you were a little bit different but did you honestly think you were well...a thing of Myth?
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 Practice makes perfect (Open to 1 other, provided they're not a Big three or demi-titan)

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PostSubject: Practice makes perfect (Open to 1 other, provided they're not a Big three or demi-titan)   Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:04 pm

Elliot had heard in the mess hall that there was a low-key training session on in the Arena. It was later than most classes usually were, at about 7PM. Something about it reeked of 'illegal', so naturally - Elliot was definitely going. When he arrived, there was already a small crowd off about 6-7 people. They wore some basic battle armour and something about their demeanor stunk of Ares. He could feel their eyes on him, as if they could sense that he wasn't one of them. Leaning against a crate, one of them managed to prise the gate to the arena open and everyone began filing in - excited, but hushed, lest they get caught.

One of them stood on a box and called down to the others. "Right, the rules - there are none. That's why we're here so late. If anyone gets too badly hurt, we got John' he motioned to a ginger child of Apollo, who was sitting on a box 'on hand. He'll heal you up and make sure no-one asks any questions. And if you kill... well... we got a lake for a reason." The children from Ares' cabin actually laughed at that statement. They all branched out and formed a circle, while Elliot continued leaning against one of the boxes.

"Hey, pretty boy." called a girl - who was built more like a man. She held a large construct in her hand, which looked like a morning star; only larger. "You and me first." the blonde haired girl was grinning, her hair fashioned into a mohawk. She and Elliot walked into the centre of the circle. "You both ready? Ok... go!" She raised her spiked sphere into the air and immediately Elliot's hands glew a vicious red. Throwing them forward, he cast of hex on her limbs which froze her arms in place - leaving her defenseless. Elliot extended his hand and relentlessly assaulted the daughter of Ares' with magical bolts, until finally, she yielded. "Lame." was all Elliot could bother saying, with a roll of his eyes.

He remained in the middle of the circle. It was winner stays on, y'see. But who would his next challenger be.
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Practice makes perfect (Open to 1 other, provided they're not a Big three or demi-titan)
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