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Lets face it you've always thought you were a little bit different but did you honestly think you were well...a thing of Myth?
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 Elliot's Bunk

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PostSubject: Elliot's Bunk   Elliot's Bunk Icon_minitimeTue Aug 05, 2014 8:53 pm

Hermes yawned as he flew into the Hecate cabin and found the bunk he was looking for. Shrugging he slowly placed the three items, all in their own separate packaging down on the bed. Hecate was scary and the stuff she sent her kids was pretty messed up stuff and even if he actually had chosen not to peek this time, mainly because last time it exploded in his face and he couldn't get the stuff out for a week, but the point still stood. Whatever he was carrying was probably some scary ass shit that would blow up if he touched it wrong. Once it was placed on the bed he sped out as fast as he could to continue his job.

Elliot's Grimoire;

This book, bound in leather and with the eye of a hellhound, is the personal Spellbook of Hecate's son, Elliot. He can manifest the book at will, and when he does, it flies around after him and turns to the page of the spell he demands. As time goes on, the book will gain a larger magnitude of spells but right now it is quite basic.

The Spells:

  • Witchfire: The grimoire's pages send out a stream, ball or bolt of fire. The fires it projects were the same flames used to burn witches of old. The stream of fire can be used 2 times a day, 3 post cooldown. The ball of fire, which explodes like a petrol bomb, can be used 3 times a day with a 4 post cooldown. The bolt of fire which shoots a small, fist sized orb of flame can be used 5 times a day, with a 1 post cooldown. However, this spell can only be accessed 5 times a day. All the 'times a day' deplete from this. So if he uses 5 firebolts, he can no longer use this spell, or if he uses 2 streams and 3 balls, it cannot be used, etc.
  • Mist Magic: The Grimoire's pages splutter from cover to cover, unleashing a large amount of mist that obscures the sight of those without enhanced senses. Once a day, lasts for 2 posts. As it is mist, people with wind abilities may disperse it quite easily.



Skeleton Key: This key is worn around Elliot's neck on a silver chain necklace. When pushed into any lock, it changes it's change magically to fit the tumblers and unlock the door. If the lock is destroyed (AKA, melted shut) then it does it work. It can lock the doors again, but once it locks the door it cannot unlock it again for another week.


The Witchwalk: This circlet is worn on Elliot's head (obviously) and allows him to enter a magically intangibile state twice a day, for two posts. While in this form, powers can not hurt him - but physical attacks still can. He glows blue/purple while in this mode. 2 post cooldown.
Appearance of Elliot while Witchwalking:

Cain Vulsore Son of Erebus-18
Darren Cross Son of Nike-18
Blake O'Leary Son of Freyr-17
Leo Legard Son of Jupiter-16
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Elliot's Bunk
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