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Lets face it you've always thought you were a little bit different but did you honestly think you were well...a thing of Myth?
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 Welcome to Camp Ragnarok

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PostSubject: Welcome to Camp Ragnarok   Welcome to Camp Ragnarok Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2014 2:58 pm

Blake let out a sigh as he stepped out of the cab that had taken him from the airport in New York all the way out here. Lifting his suitcases out of the cab as well he took a quick look at where he was headed before turning back around to try and explain to the driver that he didn’t exactly have the money the man was probably going to want for the drive over. Except when he had finally turned around imagine his surprise when said taxi cab was gone. Not driving off into the sunset with all his stuff gone, but disappeared gone. As in it was as if the taxi cab had never even been there in the first place which definitely spooked Blake out, cars are not supposed to do that.

Shaking his head he picked up his two suitcases, after making sure both of his cutlasses were on his belt where they were supposed to be. They were and so he started his climb up the hill in front of him and towards the strange out of the way acting camp. He couldn’t even remember why his mom had decided to send him there and why he had to make sure the swords were sheathed and on his hips at almost all times but after the way he had left things with his mom he owed her this much. He wasn’t admitting he was wrong, never in a thousand years would he had been wrong about whatever it was they had argued about but after a long plane ride you got a lot of things to think about.

Things that seemed so trivial and pointless now as he was going to the camp anyway and he was certain the camp was at least one of the topics ‘discussed’ during their little spat. Hefting the non-rolling suitcase up into a more comfortable position he continued walking dragging the rolling suitcase behind him in the grass. He didn't completely understand what he was doing at Niagara Falls and with all the weird looks he was getting he certainly wasn't too sure anyone else knew either. But, he had directions and he was going to follow them. Walking up to the ticket booth he scratched his head and spoke "Hey I'm here for the tour behind the rainbow bridge."

She nodded in understanding but gave Blake the weirdest look ever, or more importantly his suitcase as she lead him to the elevators. Telling him where to go and what to do once he got to the bottom she returned to her post. Shrugging his shoulders Blake did as he was told and rode the elevator down attraction dubbed the 'Cave of the Winds' and from there he followed the bridge behind the falls and onto the rainbow bridge.  Walking through said waterfall he would find himself in what appeared to be a Gate waving at the guard he passed through it unfairly and not knocked out. Much to the guard's surprise and disappointment “Weirdest acting camp I’ve ever seen” Blake muttered to himself as he kept walking into the camp, only now he realized he had no idea where he was supposed to go.

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Welcome to Camp Ragnarok
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