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 Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma(WIP)

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Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma(WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma(WIP)   Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma(WIP) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 7:50 pm

Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma(WIP) Lupita-nyongo-by-emma-tempest-for-instyle-magazine-december-2013_thumb

"I am the bold... I am the fear... I am your nightmare in a dress."

Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma, Adamma means beautiful girl, which is what her father thought of her when she was first born. He thought she was a beautiful African princess. Kenzie comes from her great grandmother, who was part European and one of the most Intelligent woman in Africa. Zuijma is pronounce Zoo-ma and a last name that meant Royalty when her family use to rule a tribe.
Nickname(s): Some people call her Addy or by her middle name, Kenzie. She doesn't really have many nicknames.
Gender: Female
Age/Birthday: She is currently sixteen but is often mistaken for a woman in her early twenties. Adamma was born on the second of June in 1998 to Frigg.
Mortal Parent: Mylo Zuijma is her father. Raised and brought up in a brutal tribe, Frigg thought he would be a good father to her daughter. With Odin's permission, Frigg seduced him. She had Adamma by him and expected him to raise her in the brutal tribe. Sadly, he did not. Mylo was also a very intelligent man and when Adamma was born, he moved to South Africa to go to school and have a good life. You couldn't imagine how much anger Frigg had for him. To make matters worse, Mylo married a needy little french woman named Elizabeth who didn't encourage fighting or even Adamma's headstrong personality. It was then, Frigg put her foot down and forced Mylo to send Adamma-Kenzie back to his tribe. Mylo was currently not happy with the decision because he felt like he was putting his daughter in danger but Frigg insisted.
Godly Parent: Frigg is goddess of marriage, childbirth, motherhood, wisdom, household management and weaving and spinning. She is sometimes considered a goddess of Love too.

 Like her marriage with Odin's brothers, her relationship with Mylo dissolved into nothing. He seems to have no feeling for the goddess whatsoever.
Place of Origin: Adamma-Kenzie is from East Africa, possibly but she doesn't remember her exact location since she left Africa at nine years old.
Fatal Flaw:
Pet(s): She has two large serpents. Both females, one purple and the other is blue. Adamma calls them Gigi and Fifi, one is venomous and the other is the antidote for the venomous snake.
History: Adamma-Kenzie spent the very first five years of her life in South Africa in a big beautiful home with a prissy little French woman as a mother, two younger siblings and her father. She was taught at an early age to be (as her stepmother would say) "pretty and petite". Adamma never got the chance to explore the viking in her because of Elizabeth who sent her step daughter at the early age of three to a private school.  By the time Adamma was five, she was molded into the young lady her stepmother wanted her to be, which infuriated her real mother, Frigg. The goddess was promised her daughter would learn how to defend herself and fight like a warrior. When she saw that her daughter was being taught how to drink tea instead of how to throw a punch, she threatened Mylo to send her back to the tribe.

   Mylo didn't want to anger the goddess who claimed the child a lot more often then he did. Adamma-Kenzie was sent back to her father's tribe, where she was taught how to chuck a spear and never miss her target. She was taught how to take down animals larger then herself without even getting hurt. The tribe she had come from had given her the education of a French Scholar -- thanks to her Great grandmother who had the education of a French Scholar.  Adamma was taught to embrace her leadership and take-charge personality.


Mystery box prize: A gift from god parent(1).

David/15/Son of Aphrodite
Chavali/16/Daughter of Zeus
Reyna/16/Daughter of Bellona

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Adamma-Kenzie Zuijma(WIP)
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