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Lets face it you've always thought you were a little bit different but did you honestly think you were well...a thing of Myth?
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 Skittles's Characters

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Matthew (Matt) Jones
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Name: The name of this guy is Matthew (Matt) Jones

Nicknames: He doesn't really have any nicknames though he used to be called Matty once.

Age: Matt has just turned eighteen

Birthday: January 3rd

Eyes: Dark blue, close to black

Hair: He has long, shoulder length black hair

Body Type: Athletic and slightly muscular

Skin Tone: Pale

Weight: 90kgs

Height: 5ft 11in

Personality: Matthew isn't very social though he is quite open about himself. Some people say he is too honest and insensitive. He can be immature, rebellious and does what he wants with or without permission. Even though he is open there are parts of his past that is touchy. He is known to speak his thoughts a lot.

Flaws: Open (non-secretive), Insensitive, rebellious, fear of bats and fear of losing someone that means a lot to him

Talents: Matt is good at playing guitar, singing, playing piano, he is good with dogs

Typical Outfit: He can be seen wearing skinny jeans, a rock shirt, leather jacket or plaid shirt, combat boots or converse, with his black ring that is his sword (wears it on his wedding finger)

Mortal Parent: Evelyn Roe Jones

God Parent: Thanatos

Place Of Origin: USA

Pets: A small black german shepard named Star

Abilities: He can also communicate with the dead (spirits) and can tell how many spirits there are in a five metre distance.

Powers: none

History: Matthews mother died when he was three. She had died in a car crash. Since then he grew up with his grandparents. He was always a bit different from the other kids. He would be caught talking to nothing but he would say he was talking to his mother (this was because he could communicate with ghosts). His grandparents were worried and took him to therapy. Throughout his therapy sessions they tried to convince him that his mother was gone and that Matt wasn't talking to anyone. This made him angry and upset.
Throughout his primary school years he was bullied for being weird and different. When he was eleven his grandparents died, both from heart attacks at different times. He went through a stage of depression. Matt was given his grandparents will and inside was a black ring, he kept it to remember them.
He moved to his Uncles place. His uncle, Benjamin, wasn't much of a good person. Benjamin was a member of a gang and hardly home to properly look after Matt. His uncle always doubted and expected better from him. Matt would try to avoid going home so he didn't have to go to his Uncle. At school he was bullied even more and a rumour spread that whoever he talked to would die. Matt would cry himself to sleep and had committed suicide twice. Both times he was sent to the hospital. His uncle would get angry at him and told him too harden up.
One night Matt had ran away and discovered his black ring could turn into a sword [made of stygian iron]. When he was thirteen he was attacked by a hellhound. He used his sword to defend himself. His sword skills weren't perfect but eventually he killed the beast. The monster attacks were twice a month.
When he was sixteen he met a girl called Danielle. He instantly fell in love. She had introduced herself first and he was totally surprised someone like her would want to be friends with a guy like him. They hung out all the time and were the best of friends. After months of being friends he finally got the confidence to ask her out. They were together for a long time... Until the horrible accident. They were being stupid on the train tracks. Danielle had her headphones on and she was teasing him by giving him the silent treatment. Matt saw the train coming and tried to warn her but she just laughed and mouthed I can't hear you. The train had no time to stop. Matt yelled her name and fell to his knees next to her body. He stayed there for hours and just cried. He had walked home very late and had an argument with his uncle which got him kicked out.
For a few weeks he was homeless until he began to flat with his mates. He became rebellious and was the badboy. He got a few tattooes with his fake ID and even started a punk rock band with his flatemates.
Close to his seventeenth birthday he ran into a satyr. He thought the satyr was a waste of time so it took the satyr a bit of convincing until Matt agreed to come with him to this camp.

Role-Play Example: Usually a teenager would spend their eighteenth getting wild and crazy but Matt would rather spend his eighteenth with the one and only girl he loved. Danielle Farren. It had been two years since she had died. He was devastated when Dani had gone. The funeral had been even harder for him. He felt guilty for not being able to save her. He should have pushed her out of the way, he should have died, not her.
Hot tears ran down his face. He stood at the end of her grave and looked down at her tombstone.
Danielle Marie Farren
She was a wonderful daughter and person. She will be missed dearly.
13th March 1996 - 20th July 2012

"I'm so sorry Dani." He whispered as he wiped away his tears.

Notes: Playby is Kellin Quinn[/i]

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PostSubject: Re: Skittles's Characters   Skittles's Characters Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 11:51 am

I am so sorry for the wait!

He needs another flaw.

No to the first ability.

No to the powers. Thanatos has nothing to do with healing. Some acceptable powers would include summoning the dead, etc. with limits.
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Snow Nyx
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PostSubject: Re: Skittles's Characters   Skittles's Characters Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 11:26 am

Alright, everything looks good to me, Approved!!!


Mystery box prize: A gift from god parent(1).

David/15/Son of Aphrodite
Chavali/16/Daughter of Zeus
Reyna/16/Daughter of Bellona

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Skittles's Characters
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