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 Jaden Yuki's characters

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Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki

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PostSubject: Jaden Yuki's characters   Jaden Yuki's characters Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 5:06 pm

Jaden Yuki's characters Dylan_as_Dean
"Eat me"
Edward Pearce

Hi, My Name Is
         Name and Nicknames: Edward Pearce
         Birthday: June 12, 1996

I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
         Height: 6 foot, not inches
         Hair: Short, Dirty Brown
         Eyes: Brown
         Style: (See Notes)
         Distinguishing features: Tattoo on forearm (See Notes)

I'ma risk it
         Likes: Edward enjoys spending his time by either wooing the ladies, eating pie, or killing.
         Dislikes: Kittens and heart to heart conversations. Seriously, he's allergic to both.

         Strengths: Probably one of Edwards greatest strengths is his ability to detach himself from a situation, enabling him to always do the most logical thing, whether it is morally right or not. He also excels at hand to hand combat as well as a variety of mixed martial arts. He posses the ability to lock pick, and hot wiring. He's rusty but he's a so-so hacker. He also speaks French due to his family lineage.

         Weaknesses: The one thing he can not detach emotionally from is his family. Family is everything to Edward and if his enemies were to exploit this weakness, he would do anything to keep what's left of his family safe. He has recurring nightmares of his sister dying, so he gets 5 hours of sleep on a good night. He refuses to fly in airplanes, and insists that driving is always the way to go. However he has no problem with heights.

         Fears: As stated above, Edward suffers from Pteromerhanophobia, as well as a very minor case of Monophobia.
         Secrets: Edward's major secret is his family's business, and therefore his business. He keeps a lot of his personal life to him self and doesn't open up easily.
         Dreams: To live a normal life, far away from the killing, the monsters, and the gods.
         Quirks: Edward has peculiar sayings, including "Eat me" and "Shut your cake hole"

         Personality: Edward usually has a snarky but outgoing personality. He is stubborn, and has the attitude of if you want something done do it your self. But the moment he puts on the hood, it all changes. He turns cold hearted, and shows no sympathy. He simply does what he has to do to get the job done. He switches between being outgoing and deadly serious extremely quick, making him very easy to piss off.

Family Portrait
         Nationality: French American
         Birthplace: Paris, France
         Hometown: Paris, France /Brookhaven, PA
         Father: William Pearce
         Mother: Unknown (Dike)
         Siblings: Sabrina Pearce (2001-2011), Charles Pearce (2014- )
         Pets: None

         History: The Pearce family isn't exactly what you would call a normal family. Bluntly put, the Pearce family are assassins. They're purpose is to take down the corrupt organization known as the Glade. Whereas the Glade sought the power to save humanity from itself by controlling free will, the Assassins fought to ensure the survival of free will, as it allowed for the progression of new ideas and the growth of individuality. The feud stretches back to the middle ages. But none of that ever mattered to Edward. In fact he never wanted to be an assassin. By the time he was thirteen he had ran away ten times, eleven if you count the time he ran when the cops found him. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Edward was brought into the world on the twelfth of June, 1996 in Paris, France. The Pearce's lived on a giant plot of land with a big mansion, which was the Assassins french headquarters, just outside of Paris. Among them lived the rest of the Assassins, distant family. He never went to a proper school, and was instead home schooled by William's best friend, Gavin Banks. He was taught all the normal classes; math, history, biology. He also was instructed in self defense, and the wide array of martial arts Gavin had mastered. When Sabrina was born Edward absolutely adored her, and she looked up to him. They did everything together. Most nights they would sit on the roof together and watch the stars. In 2001 the Glade launched an attack on the mansion, leaving Sabrina dead. After her death, everything changed. Edward started to run away from the life his father wanted for him, and William was too ridden with grief to be the father Edward needed. When Edward started running away, the monsters started to attack. Because of this William sent Edward and Gavin to live in America. In 2013, word reached Gavin and Edward that William had a second child. Charles, the baby, was sent to live with Gavin. The attacks started again, and Edward ran away to make sure Charles would not met the same fate as his sister. Once he reached Camp, he realized he couldn't run away from what he was. He began to take on the work of an assassin to avenge his sisters death.

Try poking it with a stick!
         Powers: None
         Weapons: Phantom Blade: consists of a retractable CB blade, usually in conjunction with a protective bracer. As such, the blade can be discreetly extended or retracted, making it a valuable, yet stealthy piece of apparatus. Doubles as mini cross bow, which fires CB daggers. (See notes)
iDevice: A device that Edward sometimes uses. It has access to his family's worldwide database, on basically everything. It doubles as an iPod. (See notes)
         Any notes:
Phantom Blade:

Role Play Example
Edward strolls down the street, head up, smiling at every bird that walks by. He walks into his destination, a burger joint in Times Square. The place is crammed so he squeezes his way through the masses to get to the order line. Once he reaches the counter, Edward examines the board overhead showing his 'wide' variety of choices on what he could eat on this fine evening. "Excuse me sir?" The blonde cashier captures Edwards attention immediately. "Why hello there!"Edward says leaning on the counter. "Are you ready to order sir?" she asks obviously bored with Edward. "Oh I was born ready" Edward says with a wink. In his mind, no girl could resist his charm. As the cashier rolls her eyes at him, Edwards iDevice gives of a beep. An alert. A member of Glade was in the city. Dinner would have to wait. "Sorry love gotta dash" he says as his flips his hood up, and slips into the mass of people in the diner.
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PostSubject: Re: Jaden Yuki's characters   Jaden Yuki's characters Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 5:09 pm

Approved until stated otherwise
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Jaden Yuki's characters
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