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Lets face it you've always thought you were a little bit different but did you honestly think you were well...a thing of Myth?
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 The Rules of the Land

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The Rules of the Land Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of the Land   The Rules of the Land Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 12:24 pm

General Roleplay Rules
No god modding
All battles and threads must be turned based. This means at the start of the thread you and everyone in the topic must decide a turn system.(Normally posting orders make themselves; but if someone leaves the thread, or fails to post, skip them after 24 hours. Add them back to the cycle if they return.)
Take other peoples attributes into thought.
No powerplaying or metagaming.
You cannot kill someone's character without permission. You may beat them to a near death state, but they can not actually die without their permission.
No Double Posting, anything done in your character's cabin is OKAY.
We allow violence, cursing, mild-gore, and PG-13 situations. However if you plan on taking anything a step further simply fade to black please. We do not need to read your smut.
No spoofing: Spoofing is when you create a username that is too similar or a variation on an existing name in order to confuse others as to whom a person is. Do not create a username to intentionally mislead others into thinking you are a member of the staff or another user.
No offensive accounts: What is deemed to be offensive includes, but is not limited to user names containing strong language, sexually related terms or any form of discriminatory speech. Admins reserve the right to ban or temp. ban any account they deem as offensive. Users banned for this reason must submit a ban review (or wait out the time) before possibly being allowed a new account.
No icons or signatures directed at another user without consent of that user.
No signatures that exceed the size of two grids on top of one another. And by on top of each other, this means stacked atop one another. Not with them spaced apart. Side by side is fine. Spoilers can help with this issue.
[spoiler]Words here[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Words Typed Here"]Words here[/spoiler]

No flash movie signatures. These are typically too large and also require embedding, which can often cause problems for many members. As a result, no flash signatures are tolerated.
No music signatures. This refers to signatures that play songs automatically. Other users should not be subjected to the music of your choice; please keep others in mind.
No signature or icon which prompts any type of pop up for any browser. This is self-explanatory; if your signature or avatar requires a password, please be sure to set it for public viewing.
Absolutely no flaming. There will be very little tolerance for flaming.
Arguments and debates are healthy, however. You may not insult the other party. Flaming includes all of the following points:
Verbally degrading other users
Harassing other users persistently in any manner
Harassing other users private messaging
Posts found to contain this content will have their source warned:
So in short
Just be nice.

Never argue with an Administrator or staff member.
Never abuse your powers.

General Character Rules
No rip off characters, you can have similar ones, but be original.
Must have an approved character before role-playing
No Mary/Gary Stus
Only a administrator can role play a god (unless given special permission)
Most powers have limits, so don't think that you can just go around over-using powers. Of course some gods have more powers/stronger powers/less limits than others (ex. Poseidon kids to Triton kids)
Please stay true to your character and their flaws.
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The Rules of the Land
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